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Ošupio Vasarnamis

Slaptažodis - vasarnamis


Vila LIU

Slaptažodis - atostogos

Dear guests,


These rules ensure the most pleasant stay for both You and Your neighbors. We would like to kindly remind You that:


  • The check-in time is between 2 and 8 PM;

  • In case of late check-in, please inform the administration by calling the number +37061550166;

  • The check-out time is until 12 PM. In there is a need to have a late check-out, to leave the baggage or Your car, please inform the administration;

  • Do not carry anything belonging to the place "Ošupio Vasarnamis" out of its territory;

  • Pets are allowed only if the administration is informed beforehand. There is a onetime tax applied;

  • In the room, there is a maximum number of people established. More people can’t stay in the room if no additional tax is paid;

  • If any breakdown (of furniture etc.) occurs, immediately contact the administration. The malfunction will be fixed as soon as possible;

  • Please do not be noisy, do not play loud music and be respectful of other guests’ rest and privacy. Between 10 PM and 8 AM a quiet time in the whole place is established;

  • Smoking is allowed only in accordingly labeled places;

  • Do not leave your children unattended;

  • Playing in the children’s playground is allowed until 10 PM;

  • The members of the administration of "Ošupio Vasarnamis" have the right to evict guests from the room before the staying term ends (without any coverage of paid money) if the guests are violating the rules and policies of "Ošupio Vasarnamis". Violators also have to pay the cost if any damage of place or other guests’ belongings occurs;

  • One parking spots for one room is assigned (except the superior apartment – two parking spots are given)

  • All hygiene and household items (toilet paper, soap, paper towels, trash bags) must be brought or bought by guests themselves. They are given once – when the guest arrives;

  • The towels in the room are strictly used for bathroom use – not for the beach;

  • Guests are responsible for making their rooms clean. If the guests are staying for more than 7 nights, you have the right to inform the administration – bed linens and towels will be changed.


We wish you a lovely stay at "Ošupio Vasarnamis" :)

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